The power of AVSnap is in simplicity of use, quick learning curve and full flexibility on how to use it. AVSnap is at home with all kind of users. From furniture design to AV installations, from garden planning to office layout, from AV system design to mechanical design – all of these projects can be completed with AVSnap.

For AV system designs AVSnap offers List of Materials and List of Cables functionality. Any cable in a system can be included into the list or excluded from it. The cable length and cable type can be specified for accurate Material list.

The Cable list displays Cable name, input and output connector types, cable length and equipment connections. This list can be printed or transferred to Excel just by simple copy and paste. Errors in the design can be easily spotted by comparing input and output connectors. If you look at “NET4” you will notice that one end of the cable has “S-VIDEO” connector yet another end has “BNC” connector. This simple review will save some grief during the installation process.

The Material list displays materials used on specific page or materials used on the complete project. This information can be printed or transferred to the design page. A simple cut and paste can move it into Excel for additional manipulation.

AVSnap offers data import function that allows an easy import of price lists, manufacturer information and descriptions. Data import can be applied to specific a project or library or both.

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