Quick Start Guide

This Quick start guide assumes that you already downloaded and installed AVSnap on your computer. After the installation, AVSnap installs several libraries on your hard drive. The location of these libraries is shown bellow.

Library file locations

C:\Program Files (x86)\AVSnap\Libraries\

During the installation the AVSnap set up program palaces the AVSnap shortcut on your desktop. Double click on the AVSnap Icon to start the program.

Once program starts, click F1 to get help with keyboard shortcuts. Help is also available in the user guide under Menu->User Guide.

AVSnap has two different types of files: project files (.amt) and library files (.alb)

Adding libraries to your project.

On the menu bar go to File->Add Libraries or click on the Add Libraries icon or use “A” shortcut to select libraries preloaded during AVSnap installation.

Add the following libraries by holding down the Ctrl-key and clicking on the libraries listed below. You can also load all libraries in the directory by clicking the first file and then, while holding down the Shift key, click on the last library file. This will mark all libraries to be added.

AV Sources.alb (General folder)

AV Destinations.alb (General folder)

ALT Product.alb (Altinex folder)

Pages.alb (General folder)

The selected libraries hold all the components to build a simple AV system.

The opened libraries will appear on the right side Library Viewer Pane.

Click on the AV Sources tab

Now drag the cable boxTV/DVD/VCR, and laptop into place on the design page.

Select AV Destinations tab and drag a TV and two speakers to the page. You can also double click on the selected symbols to place them on the middle of the displayed area.

Click on the cable tool or press shortcut “C” . The red squares on the page are called Snap point. These points are used to connect symbols together. Click on one snap point, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cable and release it on another Snap Point.

Place the cursor over the Snap Point and drag the connect to another connector. In this case, connect the Audio Out on the TV to the first speaker.

Press Esc key or Click on the pointer symbol to switch to select mode.

Place cursor on the drawn cable and double click to add additional bend points.

Now you can move the cursor onto a point and click to move the bend point to align the connecting cables.

Right click on the selected point and select the DELETE BEND option to delete point.

Press shortcut “3” on the keyboard to toggle between colors until the line color turns blue.

Repeat process to draw line to the next speaker. This is how your screen should look like. Experiment with different menus to see available choices.

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