When it comes to design, AVSnap is the best tool around. AVSnap is simple to use yet has features that are necessary for all AV based work. Draw cables, connect products, adjust cable routing, print list of materials, print cable list, show rack layout, and the list goes on.

design Features

AVSnap utilizes many single key strokes, keyboard shortcuts. With this feature, the productivity of designing a system increases by 400%. What typically would take 2 hours to complete using other software, takes only 30 minutes to do using AVSnap. Try it yourself and download a free copy.

1. System Diagrams

AVSnap is uniquely suited to create powerful system diagrams. Many libraries are provided to select AV sources and destinations. Once cables are connected to AV symbols, the symbols can be moved without losing this connection.

Page formatting is simplified by available library for many common page sizes. AVSnap is comfortable with Imperial or Metric measurement system. Just select Page Setup and adjust page format to your requirements.

2. System Layout

Once system diagram is designed, AVSnap provides necessary tools to convert it to physical layout. The key to this is a good product library. The list of Materials and List of Cables can be easily generated with a single keystroke.


3. Communication and Control

AVSnap offers a built in Communication terminal that can be used to test AV equipment through RS-232 or through TCP/IP. The terminal features a unique notepad area for documenting your control code and sending repetitive commands to your equipment.e.

4. User Interface

AVSnap has a built-in capability for designing Graphical User Interface (GUI) and for controlling AV Equipment. In Control Mode, AVSnap becomes a powerful control system based on PC and Windows XP. Just add a touch screen monitor and you are ready to control any AV System. AVSnap offers both RS-232 and TCP/IP control capability. And when the project is completed, save your user interface as executable file and distribute it to your customer.

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