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AVSnap is more user-friendly, easier to learn and easier to use than D-Tools, Stardraw, or AutoCAD. Simple user interface, powerful editing and project features, easy collaborations – all make AVSnap the first choice for AV Design software.


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AutoCAD, D-Tools and Stardraw are pioneers in the field of AV system drafting software, but require time to learn and a serious financial commitment. Even though it is easy to learn some of the other software packages, it is even easier to learn AVSnap. As a matter of fact it takes longer to read this comparison than to install AVSnap and design a simple AV system. AVSnap software comes with generic AV product libraries, ALTINEX and and sample projects already installed. AVSnap is also a presentation tool and doesn’t require a special viewer for customers who do not own the design software. AVSnap is the viewer and the design software. Use the lock feature, the page display toggle, and password protection to protect your project files from being altered. Neither of the other available software packages can offer these features. AVSnap does not have the worlds largest manufacturer libraries, and the typical user will only use a fraction of the libraries available. AVSnap took a different approach.

Need a library that is not available in AVSnap? Build your own!

It literally only takes minuets to create a new symbol and integrate into your project. With AVSnap you can toggle between symbol creation and project mode and update your libraries as you go along. No symbol designer or symbols wizard necessary.

Most of AVSnap features can be accessed via keyboard hotkeys, a mouse or on-screen menus, which ever user prefers.   While other design software offer limited symbol properties, AVSnap has eight (8), including the option to enter product prices and the option to be included in the material list and the style of symbol display, diagram, technical drawing, photo or user defined.       AVSnap also offers a new and innovative way of connecting an AV system design directly to the installed hardware. After designing a system, the designer or integrator can use all the information in the AVSnap design to create a control platform for entire hardware in an AV system.   Building a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for a control system is as easy as designing a symbol or creating a system layout. Every piece of information is saved in one single file and can “travel” with your AV project from the initial design to the first live presentation and beyond. Drag and drop individual buttons, sliders, progress bars, and communication components. Once on the design page, assign bit maps, change button look and feel and place desired labels.   If you use AutoCAD, D-Tools or Stardraw, think again before investing thousand of dollars to get additional licenses. Download AVSnap for you and your clients and make communication between project partners easier than ever before.

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