AVSnap Features

Feature-rich application that anyone can use. Download, install and draw. 

Intuitive user interface

AVSnap is easy to use and simple to learn. All of the features are at your fingertips. Need to conduct technical sales? No problem: get your diagrams ready in record time. Need to design a complete Audio-Visual system? No problem: use manufacturer component libraries to zip you through a design process. Need to control equipment? No problem: use built in GUI designer with simple to learn control code to make system fully operational within hours. 


Manufacturer Libraries

The power of AVSnap rests in its Library Editor. Draw your symbols, add snap points and adjust functionality. It takes a few simple steps to create a library component, but the dividends pay long after it is done. Once created, the can be re-used anywhere in the design. 

Outstanding presentation

AVSnap has a built-in PowerPoint-style presentation mode. It is as easy to use as pressing F5 and navigating through pages with arrow keys, page UP/DOWN keys, and using wireless remote controls. With built-in hyperlinks, users can create a non-linear presentation based on a storyboard. In many cases, a single page can be designed to contain a complete presentation. Utilizing the Views manager, the user can zoom on any specific area of the page during a presentation.

Controlling any device

AVSnap is uniquely capable of controlling any controllable device. It can lower shades, adjust volume, switch video inputs, open garage door, adjust the temperature, detect the presence, send emails, communicate over TCP/IP, communicate via rs-232, and much more. AVSnap utilizes programming language that is easy to learn and easy to use.

The Only AV Software You will ever Need

Mind Map

Do you need to brainstorm an idea? AVSnap is here with a complete support for Mind Map drawings. Simple shortcuts enable the use of a keyboard for note-taking.


Use built-in flowchart libraries to design flowcharts, organizational charts, process charts or any other combination. Press one button to get an automatic routing between all nodes.

Web Server

Enable web server to display your designs or any other graphical information in a browser. Perfect for company-wide information sharing or web-based control capabilities.


PDF Manager

Combine, separate, add, remove, insert and turn pages in any PDF file. Simple interface makes any job with PDF files fast and easy.  When appropriate, secure pages with a single click.


Easily design a label and print it in any format on the page. Control rows, columns and all other aspects of label design. Attach label to cables and print cable labels with ease.



Create libraries for your favourite manufacturer in a matter of minutes. Once created, re-use them in every design. Define many custom features to simplify the design process and reduce errors.

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