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The most powerful design software of its kind! Used by AV Companies and Consultants from all over the world.

Users everywhere love AVSnap!

Easy To Learn

Exceptionally easy to learn yet powerful enough for demanding applications.

Powerful Features

Numerous features for system diagrams, rack elevations, architectural drawings, and more.

Intuitive Shortcuts

High-speed AV system design platform with numerous shortcuts to simplify your work. 


Library Designer

Powerful library editor for drop-and-draw technology and unlimited flexibility.


Great Support

Numerous support videos, online tutorials and tech support. 

Tried and Tested

Originally released in 2004 and still going strong with frequent updates.

Core Features

System Design

Create sophisticated designs using Libraries and DrawAssist cable routing technology fast!

System Control

Control anything using RS-232, TCP/IP, UDP, Relays or MIDI. Your imagination is the limit!


Built-in PowerPoint-style presentation feature integrates seamlessly into customer management process.


Create libraries in a matter of minutes. Re-use them in every design. Define many custom features to reduce errors.

PDF Files

Combine, separate and mange PDF files with ease. Add, rotate and move pages as needed.

Cable Labels

Generate cables labels for a complete job or for a single cable. Design labels on the fly.

Just a few of our awesome features…

Project Mode

Design your project in record time. Start with small projects and graduate to any size project. Use Draw Assist to instantly square cable connections. Generate material list, import product pricing, create cable list report and more. Every function is only a short cut away.

The powerful Views Managers simplifies navigation through large projects. Select views from any page, name the view and save the view. Now select the view and instantly navigate to that location in your project.

Each project can contain an unlimited number of pages, any page size, and easily switched to different units of measure.

Library Mode

Create a library of products for your next design in record time. Draw outline, assign inputs and outputs and configure options. Once completed, drag and drop your symbols into the project page to complete your design in record time.

When you want to make your symbols smarter, add Related Products to remind you which additional products need to be considered to complete the design. 

Multiple custom fields are provided to modify symbol parameters on the fly. Modify symbols in the library editor or inside the project. Creating generic symbols has never been easier and more intuitive. 

Communication Mode

Test your equipment and get everything ready for the installation using Communication mode. Connect to other equipment using UDP, TCP or RS-232 protocols or add USB adapters to extend cap[ability to MID or any other protocol.

Convenient Notepad helps to document command and simplify testing. Enter all of the commands in the Notepad pane and then send them to the terminal window with ease. Easily monitor communication to assure error-free control.

Assign custom buttons to simplify equipment control and to minimize protocol errors. Many additional features provide capabilities to address any control issues including ping command, port assignment, auto characters capitalize, display hex data, send hex command and repeated transmission.

PDF Mode

Manage PDF files with ease and simplify your submittal documents creation. Work with multiple PDF files at the same time. Combine, move, rotate and delete pages with a click of a mouse. Exchange pages between files and insert separator pages.

Merge multiple files into a one PDF file by selecting and dragging all files into AVSnap.  Smart settings enable moving files into the right positions before merging them together.

Detect empty pages and clean up a file by deleting these pages. When your project is completed, assign a password to secure the PDF document.

What People Are Saying About AVSnap

We love AVSnap, and so do our customers!

AVSnap has changed the way I talk to my customers. It enables me to quickly and painlessly design an AV system with the products I represent. Once I created libraries, the rest became a child’s play. Awesome product and functionality. I love this program.

John D.

Sales Rep

I have used AutoCAD for years, not anymore. From an overview sketch to shop drawings, AVSnap gives me all of the features I need to complete any size project. Making rack elevations are as easy as the rest of the features of AVSnap. I highly recommend it.

Dave K.

AV Consultant

My go to program used to be Visio. Today I use AVSnap for a few reasons: I can combine everything in one file: Control logic, user interface (GUI) and a system design. No more hunting for different files. Everything is available on a job site, where I need it.

Brian L.


Is AVSnap really free?

Yes, it is free. AVSnap software is designed and maintained by Altinex Inc. Altinex Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions. All AVSnap standard features are licensed to users free of charge. Some premium features are available by contacting Altinex.

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