AVSnap provides a simple and powerful method of sharing information with your clients, vendors, and co-workers. With AVSnap Meeting, anyone can present their AVSnap designs in real time with unlimited number of attendees.

Combine the power of AVSnap Meeting with a phone conference for the best collaboration environment. AVSnap Meeting is hosted by AVSnap and does not require any set up or network configuration.

Just initiate the meeting from AVSnap and give all of the attendees a session number. The AVSnap Meeting can be set up in less than 10 seconds. Try it yourself and see how easy it is.

AVSnap Meeting connects people across the globe. No mater where you are, if you have access to internet you can conduct AVSnap Meeting. Share only AVSnap or the whole desktop.

Powerful password protection allows AVSnap users to protect all or portions of a project. Once protected, the project can be viewed and printed but not modified. Expiration date can be assigned to block viewing of a project after specific date.

AVSnap Meeting

AVSnap meeting is a powerful feature that allows you to present and share your documents with other people across the globe. It is simple to use and does not require any IT knowledge to set up. Share your drawings from AVSnap or a complete desktop with other applications. Follow these simple instructions to get connected:

1. Start AVSnap by double clicking on the AVSnap icon on your desktop.

2. Select “View – > Initiate meeting” from the main menu bar.

3. AVSnap automatically assigns the session number. You provide this session number to attendees when they join the AVSnap meeting.

4. Now you are ready to present your AVSnap drawing or anything else on your desktop. AVSnap allows you to share your desktop or AVSnap only. If a desktop share is blocked, an attendee can only see your AVSnap window.

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