The idea for the universal Audio Visual design tool was born in October 2001. During one of the lengthy conversations in engineering department, we realized that there are no tools available to the AV industry that would provide the power and flexibility to do the job and would not cost an arm and a leg.

The tools that were available were expensive and required a long and painful learning curve. In addition yearly maintenance fees could cripple any small or medium size company.

The name AVSnap was chosen to signify the simplicity of use and the ability for even fairly inexperienced person to become quickly accustomed to the AVSnap working environment. The logo was designed to show a Snap Point on the middle of the letter A to signify simplicity, precision and accuracy of designs made using AVSnap.

We then set out to develop a specification for a simple graphics editor to be tailored for AV applications. Two years later we started the AVSnap development and never looked back. AVSnap has gone through 10 revisions and major upgrades. With every upgrade it get’s better and more powerful, yet continues to retain simplicity of use and power to tackle any AV job.

Our mission is to continuously develop and improve a powerful and easy to use AV design environment that every small and large AV company can afford to use.

We decided to make AVSnap available to the world, free of charge. It is our way of giving back to the AV community and to thousands of AV professionals. Enjoy.

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