AVSnap provides a complete environment for designing simple or sophisticated graphical user interface. With a PC and a touch screen monitor, it is easy to integrate AVSnap into any control environment. Once user interface is designed, AVSnap can generate stand alone executable file for running your application.

GUI Design Environment

AVSnap helps you to design high quality user interface with a minimum amount of effort. Automatic Button generation, Color schemes, background fills – everything is only a click away.


Simple tool bar allows you to create buttons of any shape or size, volume control, progress bar, clock and much more. The design is only limited by your imagination.



















Create your own symbols with generic controls for VCR, DVD, Cable box and then re-use them from project to project. Simple programming language, makes your control program easy to read and maintain. If you can program Crestron or AMX you can definitely program AVSnap. Even if you never have done programming, you will be controlling your devices within an hour.






When you are done designing your logic, convert your file to executable format and distribute it to your clients.


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