How to Use the Clone Tool

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AVSnap provides an easy way of cloning objects and symbols. The Clone Tool can duplicate any object, group of objects, symbols or group of symbols. If multiple objects or symbols are selected, it will duplicate the whole selection.

Step 1: Open AVSnap, adjust Grid/Lines to 0.25in/0.5in and draw a rectangle filled with the color red. Now, select the Clone tool from the tool bar on the right.

Step 2: Move the mouse pointer over the red rectangle, press it and drag a copy of the rectangle to the right. Continue doing so until you have six rectangles.

Step 3: Now select all six rectangles while the Clone tool is still active.

Step 4: Position the mouse pointer over any rectangle, press the left mouse button and drag them down. Repeat until you have four rows of rectangles.

The Clone tool provides additional improvements in user design interface. Instead of using “Ctrl-C” to copy objects and “Ctrl-V” to paste them, just switch to Clone tool and cut down on dozens of keystrokes.

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