How to Use Multiple Page Display

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AVSnap allows users to display a single project page at a time or multiple pages. In “Multiple Page” display mode, users can navigate easily through all pages and zoom in and out for a better view.

Step 1: Open the Altinex sample project file “Project01” from the default C: drive.

This project contains 8 pages and provides excellent examples on how to use the “Multiple Page” display mode.

Step 2: Click on the “Multiple Pages View” selection button to display all pages.

Step 3: Using the mouse scroll wheel, the pages can be zoomed in or out for a better view. Pressing and holding the left or right mouse buttons allows moving the displayed pages up or down.

Step 4: Double clicking on any page opens this image in single page view mode for viewing or editing.

“Multiple Page” view mode provides a simple and efficient way to navigate through multiple pages in AVSnap. Reverting back to single page mode is a snap by double clicking on any page.

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