How to Set Up AVSnap Net Meeting

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AVSnap provides a sophisticated facility to conduct net meeting when both parties have AVSnap installed on their computers. With meeting options, both the initiator and participant can share files and screens. Up to 16 participants can join the meeting and preview the initiator’s screen. The AVSnap net meeting is hosted by our servers and provides a fast connection between participants without the need for IT personnel to configure ports or IP addresses.

Step 1: Open AVSnap and select Meeting from the main menu. The first two choices are to Initiate a meeting or to Join a meeting.

Step 2: If you want to share your AVSnap screen with other people, then select the “Initiate meeting” option. Once it is confirmed that you want to initiate a meeting, AVSnap will issue a session number located on the top program window bar. This session number is active for 10 minutes. If no one joins the meeting in 10 minutes, the session number will become invalid.

Step 3: For other people to join your meeting, provide this session number over the phone and ask them to open AVSnap and select “Join Meeting”. Once they enter the session number, they will be able to see your screen.

Step 4: AVSnap defaults to protecting your desktop from accidental viewing by other people joining your meeting. To enable participants to see your desktop, select page properties using shortcut “P” or double click on the empty part of the design page and uncheck the “hide desktop during meeting” option under Global tab.

Once this is selected, the program will let you know that the desktop is visible by displaying “Desktop Visible”.

The AVSnap meeting feature allows users to share their desktops with other members of the team and to send and receive files and documents using the “upload file” function under the Meeting menu. This provides an effective collaboration tool for completing projects on time.

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