How to Deploy AVSnap Web Server

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AVSnap has a built in web server that can serve page for control applications. The AVSnap Web Server offers many functions for configuring user experiences and for optimizing web server performance. With the AVSnap server, users can design control GUI (Graphical User Interface) and deploy it as a web browser in no time.

Step 1: Open AVSnap and switch to Control Mode by selecting page size 640×480. (Use shortcut “P” for selecting page properties.

Step 2: Draw a few buttons on the page using “Button Tool” and insert a simple background chosen from Double click on each button and enter text as shown.

Step 3: Select Run->Server setting from the main menu to configure AVSnap Web Server. Keep in mind that the web server feature is optional and the license needs to be purchased separately from Altinex Inc. Without a proper license, AVSnap Web Server will display randomly positioned rectangles with Altinex’s phone number.

Step 4: Configure the web server as shown below. In this configuration you will be able to serve web pages from your computer on port 81. Do not use port 80 since it is used for web browsing.

Step 5: Once the web server is configured, press OK. Now zoom out so that you can see the IP address of your computer on the bottom left corner of the page. This is the IP address you will use when you want to access your pages from a web browser.

Step 6: Copy this number and press F9 on AVSnap to run AVSnap Web Server. After a few seconds the displayed message will minimize the AVSnap server into the task bar.

Step 7: Launch your browser and type the IP address and Port number in the URL bar. Notice that the AVSnap server is in demo mode until it is registered. Contact Altinex sales for registration information.

It is simple to design a user graphical interface and deploy it over the web with the AVSnap Web Server. AVSnap Web Server provides a powerful way of deploying any control system over the web. Compatible with IE7-8, Google and Safari, the AVSnap Web Server will operate on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

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