Creating Flowcharts Using AVSnap Flowchart Symbols

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AVSnap provides an easy way to create flowchart symbols and place them into the Library. Using these symbols, simple or sophisticated flowcharts, block diagrams, company structures and much more can be easily designed.

Step 1: Open the AVSnap and from the File menu select “Add Libraries from Web” option. Select Flowchart Symbols.alb file under Altinex libraries.

This library contains basic flowchart symbols in different colors. The library will only work with AVSnap version 4.3.5 and above. Click download and save the loaded file in the desired location on your local hard disk.

Step 2: Once loaded, the library will show up on the panel on the right side and symbols from the library can be placed on project pages, adjusted in size and connected to other symbols with cables.

Step 3: Move several symbols onto the design page to start a new flow chart. Include some decision symbols, some start/stop and process symbols.

Step 4: Now select the Cable tool and connect all symbols together using symbol snap points. Adjust all connecting cables using the Draw Assist tool and make the necessary bend points as needed.

Step 5: To insert text into flowchart symbols, just double click on the symbol and start typing the text. Adjust the font size, alignment and font type as you would with standard text objects.

Once the diagram is finished, turn off the snap points view using the keyboard shortcut “S” for a picture perfect diagram.

Using AVSnap library flowchart symbols simplifies the creation of flowcharts and many other diagrams.

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